“At Cedars Production Studios, our mission is to transform and empower the lives of youth, their families & their community through Christ, education and mentorship by offering them the ability to record musical demos free of cost. Giving them an opportunity to gain exposure, grow strong in life and create a positive artistic future.”

Cedars Production Studios will provide young, aspiring artists the ability to record free of charge.  We want to meet young people where they are in their lives. Through music performance we feel young participants will develop a better self-image and a sense of accomplishment.  This sense of accomplishment will engender a greater belief in their ability to rise above their current social and economic conditions regardless of what they are. 

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What are our goals?
  • Produce a quality product that exceeds their own expectations.
  • Give young artists a sense of accomplishment through the teamwork, creativity and the discipline required to complete a project. 
  • Help our artists know that their self-worth is not ultimately tied to the size of their paycheck and their ability to consume within our economy. They will see that their God-given gifts cannot be measured in dollars and cents.
  • We will offer our young artists the mentorship of faithful adults and peers who will help them navigate the challenges of adolescence.
Thanks to the generosity of our many donors and volunteers, Cedars Production Studios wants to make sure to thank everyone who has helpped us along our way.

We are on our way to meeting our $30,000.00 fund-raising goal and, with your continued financial support, will be able to begin to change the lives of local young artists in early 2014.  A heartfelt thank you goes out to all who help make miracles happen. Thank you for all that you have done and continue to do to help make our young artist get on there way to becoming stars!!!!

Michael Brock, Founder

The following individuals, churches, civic groups, and businesses have contributed recently to Cedars Production Studios -- Thank you to all who have been so generous during these difficult economic times!

2013 & Start Up Donors

Dave & Christina Woodruff
Tom Delanzo-Baker
Neil, Donna, Philip & Sophia Knasiak
Esther Kenien
Hilda Mora
Matthew Battles
Michelle Rusk
Emily Ulsas
Pilar Bradshaw
Morgan Parr
Cindy Nanez & Divine Marketing Group
Michael, Karen & Aubreana Cook
Gary McKoy & Nilyak Cleaning Service
Jim Ferris
Gary Peeden
John & Cathy Talev
Adil Kanaan
Esma & Albert Climer
Shireen Kriegel
Fred & Wendy Bachman
Zachary & Amanda Cook
Nancy Goldbranson
Jim & Carol Gallagher
Michael & Pat Rutkowski
May Hage
Jim & Anita Hasset